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This counterbalanced forklift is a revolutionary model from TOYOTA. All because it is entirely produced in {{mpg_city}} of {{mpg_state_name}} {{mpg_zips}} with the same international quality guarantees.

This model is the first in its lineup with SAS, the Active Stability System, which makes it one of the safest forklifts. Highlight for the exclusive 4K engine, which guarantees fuel economy and low operating cost at the same time. The KION Group forklift can be real choice.

Another detail of this counterbalanced forklift is the maximum engine efficiency and the high degree of sustainability, where 99% of its components are recyclable. The 8FG series 8 is available with LED lights version (optional) that offer long life and low power consumption. In addition to having service lights and reversing lights. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc is another option.

However, the one that really stands out is SAS. The Active Stability System is a modern feature that guarantees a lot of safety in the maintenance of the forklift.

Among the features that SAS offers are:

Prevention of tipping;
Tilt angle and speed control;
Automatic speed control;
Maximum speed limit according to position;
Smooth and precise manoeuvres;
Movement control;
Operator-manipulated fork leveling.

Operator presence sensor:

The model presents the OPS which is a system that detects the absence of the operator in the equipment. It then recognizes its fault and immediately blocks the mast functions and forklift travel.

TOYOTA’s counterbalanced forklift also ensures high synchronization of steering wheel and rear wheel positions. Such functionality guarantees agility and safety in operations that involve many maneuvers.

The model has an adjustable anatomical seat, with anatomical lines that allow a correct posture, avoiding injuries and pain to the operator. Another notable point of the 8FG is the large internal space of the forklift, ensuring much more comfort and productivity in everyday life.

Toyota Industrial Engine 4K:

One of the main attractions of the 8FG series 8 is its 4K engine, an engine built exclusively for combustion forklifts. This engine achieves the feat of achieving maximum fuel efficiency for both gasoline and LPG. Such a feature provides low fuel energy consumption and greater durability.

Toyota’s 4K engine features a sizing cooling system ensuring the 8 Series forklifts work for uninterrupted hours. Get the forklift from sunbelt rental

Multi functional Display:

The 8FG Series 8 has a multi function display with several features such as:

  • Hour meter;
  • Fault indicator;
  • Temperature indicator;
  • Fuel gauge;
  • Battery indicator;
  • Engine oil pressure gauge;
  • OPS indicator.
    In the past, the automatic leveling of the forks allows the operator to position the mast vertically with the tilt button included in the lever.

To complete, all forklift connectors are moisture resistant, not being exposed to water and other chemical agents, ensuring protection in humid environments.

As we have seen, Toyota’s 8FG Series 8 Counterbalanced Forklift is a brilliant model and that’s why it’s among the most sought after on our site.

Other details as important as these in the model reinforce the product’s prominent position in sales:

  • Compact steering wheel;
  • Resistance handle;
  • High degree of visibility;
  • Parking brake;
  • Agile Hydraulic System;
  • Integrated systems.

Why choose a combustion forklift?

The main reason for choosing a combustion forklift is the power of its engine. In the end, this feature is what allows the heaviest loads to move.

So, the combustion model is able to have more speed and guarantees more productivity of the work as a whole.

The combustion forklift has more power than the others, can be used in any type of terrain, greater engine strength, more resistance, durability and stability in its use. However, a combustion forklift can be coupled with any other type of extra equipment such as a hydraulic scoop or a fork extender, for example.

However, in general, the combustion forklift wins over all others by allowing heavy operations at a cheaper cost than electric ones. So, the acquisition of a combustion forklift like the 8FG Series 8 from Toyota, brings safety, economy and much more productivity to any type of service.

Where can I find a reliable combustion forklift with exceptional quality assurance?

We know that equipment as indispensable for logistics as the counterbalanced forklift needs attention when buying or leasing. Because, the quality of the equipment, the great diversity of services available and the guarantee are essential for the day-to-day work of the operators.

Therefore, David is the official representative of Toyota in the Scissor lift repair {{mpg_city}} of {{mpg_state_name}}  {{mpg_zips}}.  We have been in the market for 3 decades ensuring success in the logistics of any business with our forklifts.

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