Gas heater does not light the flame – what to do?

The best advantage of the gas heater is that it has few problems, but it is necessary to maintain preventive maintenance to avoid future problems. The main problems that affect gas heaters usually involve the thermo couple, that is, when the gas heater does not ignite the flame.

Find out what it could be when your gas heater has a problem.

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The gas heater does not light the flame: what should I do?
Like any other equipment, the heater also has malfunctions. But if that happens, always seek professional help.

Finally, why won’t my gas heater ignite the flame? If the pilot flame does not stay lit, the opening may be obstructed. Then, you must turn off the gas valve and clean the opening with a fine clamp.

But if the flame does not stay lit after several attempts, it could be that the thermo couple is faulty. In this case, you should contact a company that specializes in gas heaters. For Gas Leak Repair Lubbock TX

What is Thermo couple?

The thermo couple is a component of the gas heater located next to the pilot flame burner. Known as a safety device that shuts off the gas if the pilot flame goes out or if the electric igniter fails.

Most common problems with the gas heater that has stopped lighting the flame
Below are some of the most common problems that occur with gas heaters:

Hydraulic imbalance::

It occurs when the water becomes warm or remains cold, because it comes directly from the water tank or from the street supply and due to the greater flow, the heater can end up having its heat flow blocked;

Gas shortage:

It appears as if there was a lack of gas in your building or even in your city.

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