6 tips for your first trip to the United States

Taking a trip to the United States is a dream of many people. If this is your first time in the North American country, check out tips that can help you!

Many dream of the day they will travel to the United States. After all, from Miami to New York, the famous “Land of Uncle Sam” draws attention for its cultural diversity and its infinity of attractions, which cater to all tourists.

Whether traveling alone or with someone else, it’s always good to pay attention to details so that you can enjoy it well when traveling in the US. Issuing a passport, purchasing airline tickets, acquiring a visa, exchanging currencies and travel insurance are key points and deserve special attention in your preparations. So, check out here what you need to know to make your first trip to the United States!

International passport:

Here, on the blog, we have a complete step-by-step guide on how to get a passport. It is a simple process, but it requires time to complete all the steps. Basically, it is necessary to register on the Federal Police website and then go to one of the PF posts to collect the bio metric information.

Airfare: how much does it cost to travel to the United States:

Buying airline tickets in advance is an excellent measure to get a good deal. Prices tend to vary greatly depending on the destination in the USA and also the season. According to information from our  India, tickets to Los Angeles, for example, are more expensive than tickets to New York, with the period from November to January tending to be the most expensive. You might be interested in Off Road Trip in Las Vegas

Visa to the United States:

The dreamed – and dreaded – American visa is mandatory for anyone wishing to visit the US. The first thing you will need is to fill out form D-160, available on the US Consulate’s website. This form must be filled out in English and very carefully, as any incorrect data can jeopardize the entire process. Next, you are required to pay a fee in the amount of US$160 currently.

It is difficult to predict exactly which questions will be asked in the interview. However, it is a quick and straightforward process, and the interviewer usually wants to know what your trip objectives are and what you do in Country. Once approved, there is a seven-day period to receive the visa.

Currency and Exchange:

Doing a dollar quote and purchasing it before the trip is one of the basic precautions to avoid having any trouble on your vacation. It is worth knowing that it is possible to buy the American currency at exchange offices or even at banks. In addition, a security measure is to request the use of the international card at your bank, as the main credit card brands are accepted in the United States.

Travel Insurance:

Purchasing travel insurance is a security measure not only during your trip to the United States, but any other vacation time. This feature is of great help in possible times of trouble, such as illness or even loss of luggage.
Here, on the blog, we have already given all the tips for you to take out travel insurance. Furthermore, when purchasing airline tickets here, on, it is possible to request this service with practicality. For Visitor Visa Click here


As important as travel insurance, getting vaccinations before traveling is essential for health. There is no vaccination requirement for travel to the United States, however flu and yellow fever vaccines are recommended. If you want to know more about it, check out the post we made about which vaccines to take before traveling!

With this information, you can better enjoy your first trip to the United States and enjoy this experience in the best way. Check out more information on our blog and stay on top of our news!