How to install faucet with filter

Drinking water is a benefit that lavishes health and well-being in the home. Many families enjoy this good only coming from water filters suitable for direct consumption or for cooking food.

However, it is also possible to use the advantages of the filter on the faucet itself: an even more practical way to live healthily, removing organisms and other substances that can cause illness or alter your taste buds. The only drawback is installing an accessory like this, which looks more complicated than a regular faucet due to the built-in filter. However, nowadays there are several models that have arrived on the market to make life easier for those who need to do the installation alone. One example is faucets with pre-assembled filters, which only require a thread seal and manual fitting of the parts.
Other more elaborate models require greater effort from those who are going to install the filter faucet, but they are worth the investment: they are beautiful and extremely functional. Let’s learn how to install a filter faucet in your home?

What will you need?

Pay attention to the equipment and items needed to install your filter faucet:

Faucet and Filter Materials

  • Filter housing
  • Refill
  • Filter fixing nut
  • Spout fixing nut
  • spout
  • Base fixing nut

Other materials needed

  • Thread seal
  • Tap key
  • Preparation

Separate the materials and items needed for the task and empty the place to make more space for the activity. The only task to be performed before installing the faucet is to open it to clean the piping by closing the supply valve and opening the valve. Thoroughly clean the opening where the faucet will be placed in order to prevent possible dirt from altering the accessory’s operation or damaging it.

How to make:

Pay attention to the instruction manual:

As each model has different installations, the instruction manual is the best basis for understanding the process and the correct use of the accessory. Don’t ignore it when installing.

Understand the correct attachment of parts

Basically, a faucet with a filter can have three threads that require fixing work, depending on its model:

  • The thread of the spout that fits to the base;
  • The thread of the filter that fits into the base;
  • The base thread that fits into the wall.
  • Pre-assembled or not, the complete faucet needs manual effort to be installed perfectly, whether with a faucet key or not, and the parts can already be fixed directly from the factory.

Separate the parts and use the thread sealant:


If the faucet has only the thread to be fixed to the wall, just use the thread sealant and insert the faucet into the wall using the faucet wrench, ideal for this type of case, where the tool’s rotation is limited by the wall. Another way of installation is related to the number of threads available for fastening. Even if there are two or three, the application and assembly of the faucet must always start by fixing it on the wall. For this reason, it is always a good idea to separate the parts and only relocate them again after fixing the thread to the wall and applying a thread sealant in the other areas of rotation. Do not forget to test whether the sealing has been completed correctly, as gaps can damage the device and impair its correct functioning.


Check out some benefits of using a filter faucet in your home:

  • Modern and compact design;
  • Practicality;
  • Improvement of water quality;
  • Fast and efficient filtering;
  • Economy;
  • Pure and light water, free from chlorine, odors and particles;
  • Typically, the filter has a lifetime of 1500 liters;
  • The filter does not need cleaning;
  • Chlorine reduction;
  • Particle reduction.

Here on the website you will find models from the best brands to choose the ideal filter faucet for your home. If you have any questions, we help you!