What are the different Things to do in New York?

In New York there are not only things to see but the city must obviously be lived and there are some small things to do that are truly New Yorkers. Gestures, events and foods that will make you feel like a local.

1 Attending a Gospel Mass:

On Sunday mornings at around 11, in the main Baptist churches of Harlem it is time for religious services accompanied by the famous Gospel choirs. I always want to clarify that you shouldn’t think of these masses as shows and avoid talking or filming. Click Here for ATV Rental
You have both the opportunity to take part in a guided tour or go alone: ​​the second option can be much more satisfying but you also run the risk of not entering: choose the church, dress well and well in advance.

2 Stop a taxi:

I think there are rare films set in New York where the protagonists do not scream in the street to hail a taxi. So when your time comes, approach the side of the road and wait for one of the licensed taxis to approach with the roof light on, indicating that it is on duty and free.
As soon as it is within reach, raise your arm and shout “taxi”. You will see that, unless you look like a drunk bum, they will stop.

3 See a Broadway Musical:

Around Times Square we find the Theater District, where you can take part in Broadway shows. The main problem is with the tickets. If you are not interested in a particular show, a good idea to save money is to rely on Booth, located on Broadway at W 47th street.
Queue up to be able to purchase discounted tickets to the most popular shows.

4 Watch an NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB or Football home match:

Like any good self-respecting American metropolis, New York City has a lot to offer sports fans. First you need to understand if the sports league you would like to see is active and there are home games during your stay.

5 Eat street food:

How many times have I found myself around with a thousand things to see and an implacable hunger! Then stop at the first kiosk or the first food track you come across and get satisfied by spending a few dollars. A very rewarding experience! For Visitor Visa Consultation Click Here

6 Jogging in Central Park:

Ok, I guess few of you will have the time and / or desire to run, you probably won’t even have what you need to do it. However, there is nothing more New Yorker than putting on running shoes and running in Central Park!

7 Make yourself a Hot Dog at Nathan’s Famous:

If you pass by the parts of Coney Island, eat the legendary Hot Dog by Nathan’s Famous, where it seems that Hot Dogs were born. It is not known whether this is true or not, what is certain is that with not too many dollars you will have a nice quick and tasty lunch.