The Most beautiful things to see in Scotland

Rocky fjords, rolling hills, wild island environments, woods, centuries-old forests and enchanted lakes in the central part: Scotland’s landscapes will never cease to amaze you. Then you will have many things to do: visit the castles, get lost in nature, go rafting on the rapids, try your hand at a tour of the distilleries or dedicate yourself to culture. Scotland is a unique journey, also made up of cities that are artistic treasures. In a few minutes you can be inside a museum and then find yourself in the jovial atmosphere of a pub. History is mixed with the legends of heroes and epic battles, the traditional houses give way to desolate and vast moors that are lost to infinity.

What to see in Scotland? Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands and more. Get ready for a journey that will give you the feeling of being suspended in time, in a slower world also made up of traditions and wild nature. ATV Rental click here


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a lively and fascinating city. Its past lives on in its alleys, its museums and its houses. At the same time you can breathe the fervor and culture of a dynamic city, crossed by numerous festivals and which has earned the nickname of “Athens of the North”. The itinerary, in addition to the famous castle, which stands on an extinct volcano, must include a visit to the palace of Holy rood house, the Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth.

Inver gordon:

Castles, boundless plains and mists that give an atmosphere full of mystery and legend. Welcome to Invergordon, a town about 30 kilometers from Inverness. The town’s port is a lively place that offers an intimate atmosphere with its restaurants and cafes. The main attraction is nearby and is the world-famous Loch Ness.

This 37-kilometer-long stretch of water has become very famous thanks to the legends of Nassie, the monster that has fueled the imagination and creativity of writers, mystery enthusiasts and tourists for decades. The context also helps: the lake is deep, perpetually veiled in fog and dominated by silent and gloomy mountains. The waters are dominated by Urquhart Castle, which, depending on the weather, will allow you to observe a particular lake landscape.

Shetland Islands:

Our next stop is the Shetland Islands, an archipelago made up of 100 islets that challenge the fury of the elements every day. They are 80 kilometers from the Orkney Islands. Citizens are almost ideally closer to Scandinavia than Scotland. To get there you need to take the ferry from Aberdeen or the Orkney Islands, or you can take a flight. You will be catapulted into a historical heritage that is more than 6000 years old, from the Neolithic era to the present day. There will be finds from the Iron Age, monoliths up to the ancient farms. To know more about us

You will be won over by the wild and rugged charm of the landscape. Kilometers of coasts surrounded by breathtaking beaches, majestic rock formations, lush heather moors and cliffs sculpted by wind erosion. An example of such beauty is the Hermaness National Nature Reserve, a refuge for thousands of seabirds. From the top of a cliff you will have a privileged perspective to enjoy the natural beauty.

Orkney Islands:

We are at the extreme northern tip of Scotland, here are about seventy islands, the Orkney archipelago. You can experience a journey in contact with nature where you will remain suspended in time, starting with the encounter with the ancient Men hirs, passing through prehistoric castles and fortresses. You will be conquered by the beauty of the cliffs that plunge into a cobalt sea. In summer the rocks and inlets will be inhabited by colonies of puffins, while you may happen to see seals swimming.

South Queens ferry:

Among the main attractions there is certainly the Forth Bridge, a suspension railway bridge, which was completed over 125 years ago, and which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There will be several bridges that you can admire, as the town was once one of the main ports to board the ferries to Fife. A unique way to get around could be a boat trip: you will encounter wildlife and learn about the history of the Islands.


A city of great beauty and architectural charm, which has been able to transform and enhance itself over the last 20 years. The first thing to admire is certainly George Square, the large square dedicated to King George III. From 1820 it was embellished with hotels, Georgian houses, statues and the railway station. The cathedral and its charm that has been lost over the centuries cannot be overlooked. A family-friendly treat is the Glasgow Science Center on the riverside, which offers over 300 interactive attractions. Visitors will then have to make a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma).