Sri Lanka:Useful tips for a DIY Travel

Sri Lanka is a country that can be easily tackled with a DIY trip. Easy, on a human scale, in a couple of weeks you can visit all the main attractions of the country and also enjoy the luxury of spending a few relaxing days on a beach drinking coconut water! I was there for about a month between August and September 2017 in the company of my friend Claudia and I found it a delightful town. So, after giving vent to my poetic vein by telling it in all its facets on the road, I decided to write this short guide that, in addition to what to do and what to see in Sri Lanka, provides some tips and practical information about the country.

The hope is that it will be pleasant to read but above all useful to those who are preparing to organize a DIY trip to Sri Lanka. ATV Rental in Aruba

In short, starting from my personal experience in the country I hope to provide you with the tools useful for the construction of your travel itinerary in Sri Lanka. Without the presumption of knowing him thoroughly but with humility, I hope, to have grasped him at least in part …

Sri Lanka do it yourself: itinerary:

To me, someone already knows, when I travel I like to take it easy. I don’t like doing things in a rush. Fortunately, I have enough time to be able to afford to lose it without regret but I am aware that most travelers have numbered days so I will adapt my itinerary to the needs of those who have no time to waste and want to get the most out of their trip.

The fishing village of Negombo:

Since, according to many, the capital has nothing particularly interesting to offer to the visitor, and considering my repudiation for the big cities, I chose Negombo as the first stop on my trip to the island of Ceylon.

A simple fishing village in which to spend the night of arrival to recover from the fatigue of flying and get into gear the next day. A quick visit to the port and possibly a boat ride on the lagoon to break the ice with the town and go!

Where sleeping in Negombo:

Negombo offers a wide choice of places to stay, suitable for all budgets. I tested the House of Dilly, a clean and dignified guesthouse, with no art or parts but perfectly suited for the purpose. On the other hand, for a few euros per night, including breakfast, I couldn’t have asked for better!

How to reach Negombo:

In addition to being the closest city to the international airport, Negombo is well connected with the rest of the places to visit in Sri Lanka. To know more about us

The cost of a tuc-tuc from the airport to the city center is around 1,000 rupees (1 euro is equal to 185 rupees) and it takes about twenty minutes. The taxi ride should not exceed 1,500 rupees.

The archaeological site of Anuradhapura:

The archaeological site of Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, in my humble opinion is absolutely not worth the price imposed on foreign tourists for the visit. Okay, it has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, but the Sinhalese state marches on this story.

Be that as it may, the site is easily accessible by tuc-tuc from Anuradhapura city. Once there, the best thing to do to fully enjoy the visit is to rent a bicycle at a cost of 700 or 800 rupees for half a day, to be added to the 3,850 rupees admission to the site.

Allow between five and six hours to visit it all. I repeat, nothing exceptional, especially when compared to the splendor of Angkor. What makes it magical is the presence of locals completely dressed in white who go to pray in the temples, imbuing the atmosphere with spirituality.

Remember to cover your shoulders and arms if you do not want to be denied access to the temples.