What to do in Bali, Indonesia: Tours and tips for your trip

Bali is a famous island among more than 17 thousand islands in Indonesia that stands out in the eyes of travelers from all over the world. It is not without reason that the place enchants so many people… The island has beautiful natural landscapes, a welcoming people, a rich culture and varied cuisine. It is a place to relax and discover without rush!

And the best thing about it all is that although it is on the other side of the world, it is an economical destination that fits in your pocket. Check out our Bali Guide for complete information on what to do in Bali, where to stay in Bali and how to get to Bali!

Where is Bali?

Bali is an island located in Indonesia, Asia, on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The island has a large international airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport – DPS, where several airlines operate, mainly from Asia. Travel between UK  and Bali takes at least 24 hours, but the island and its beauties make the long journey worthwhile. For those who are already in Asia, the route is much simpler and several low cost companies travel to the place.

Visa to Bali:

Those who travel to Indonesia for tourism and stay for up to 30 days do not need a visa! Until the beginning of 2016, it was necessary to pay a fee to enter the country, but this is no longer necessary for Britishers. Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months, 2 blank pages (in case of travel to Bali) and presentation of the yellow fever vaccination certificate. It is also recommended to have proof of the round trip ticket, in addition to booking the hotels. To know more about visa Click here

How much does it cost to travel to Bali?

Bali’s currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The currency is devalued against the real and lots of zeros are always present when looking at the prices of services on the island, so 50,000 bills are common. Don’t think you’re rich if you have 100,000 Rp in your wallet… it just means you have around R$37.

Enjoying Bali is not expensive, on the contrary, the destination is much cheaper than large and modern cities in Asia. You can find great hotels for around R$250 per night and eat excellent quality restaurants without paying much for it. The most expensive will be the air tickets, since besides the great distance there are no direct flights to Indonesia! Click here for ATV Rental

Culture and religion in Bali:

Bali is an island whose residents, in large majority, believe in Hindu-Balinese. Indonesia is a Muslim country, but Bali is quite different from the rest of the country in this regard. In some areas of Indonesia Sharia applies, which is not the case in Bali, but before traveling to the country it is important to find out about local customs and laws.

The island’s culture is very rich, and the local religion has a very different view from what we are used to in UK. It manifests itself in very interesting ways. In the streets it is very common to see offerings to the gods, people with typical costumes, processions, celebrations of religious dates and death.

The religious temples in Bali are the highlight of the trip for many people and are often located in unexpected places, which makes the experience even more enriching. As it is a religious space, be aware of the dress code of temples, which usually require the use of the sarong, a kind of skirt that is part of the local culture.

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Understanding the island of Bali:

Bali is an island with about 5,780 km² and 4.2 million inhabitants. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a completely peaceful place or with few vehicles. Those who travel to Bali need to know that the island does have its qualities (and there are several), but if you expect a small and almost uninhabited place, this is not the experience you have there.

Bali is a relatively large island, which has several cities and traffic at certain times is intense. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all the beaches on the island are as amazing as many think, which makes some people disappointed with the destination. The point is that Bali is much more than just a place to enjoy the sea… and the mixture of the island’s culture, the beliefs of its residents, the temples and the natural landscapes that make the place so special. If your idea is to enjoy para disiacal beaches, with calm waters in a place with few inhabitants, the tip is to spend a few days on the Gili Islands as well, these islands are more peaceful.