Different restaurants in Bali You should Try

Some tips for places to eat on the island!

Restaurants in Seminyak:

La Lucciola, Seminyak – The restaurant serves pasta and is located on the beachfront. The location is great for a romantic dinner and the value for money is good.
Ku de Ta, Seminyak – One of the favorites of tourists in Seminyak, Ku de Ta is a beach club and restaurant by the sea. It is a good option to go in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset or have a meal outdoors.
Potato Head, Seminyak – Another well-known beach club in Bali, Potato Head is also in Seminyak and is an alternative to have a drink at night, chat with friends and enjoy the island vibe.

Gelato Secrets – The heat in Bali is strong, so an ice cream in the afternoon is always a good option! He is at different addresses on the island!
Single Fin, Uluwatu – Located on Uluwatu Beach, Single Fin has a spectacular view of the sea! Excellent choice to have a cold drink enjoying one of the most beautiful landscapes in Bali.

Restaurants in Ubud, Bali:

Gelato Secrets – The heat in Bali is strong, so an ice cream in the afternoon is always a good option! He is at different addresses on the island!
Mozaic, Ubud – Award-winning, the restaurant is one of the good alternatives to have a more refined meal in Ubud. ATV Rental Click here
Locavore, Ubud – Considered one of the best restaurants in Asia, Locavore has contemporary cuisine and prioritizes the use of Indonesian ingredients. It is a very popular place and has a small space, so it is recommended to make a reservation.
KAFE, Ubud – Recommended for those looking for a healthy diet, KAFE has several dishes with fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious juices and a cozy atmosphere!

Ubud – With a beautiful view of a wooded area of ​​Ubud, the Bridge is suitable for those who want varied dishes that mix international cuisine and ingredients from regional cuisine.

Things to do in Bali:

1. Venture into surfing:

Bali is one of the most famous destinations in the world for surfers and those who already surf or want to learn to surf can take advantage of the strong surfing culture on the island to take their first laps at sea. There are several beaches in Bali suitable for surfing and many people travel to the island thinking exclusively about it. For Visa Click here

2. Watch a Balinese dance show:

Balinese dance is a classic program in Bali that, in addition to the movement of the body itself, which in itself already attracts attention, involves a theatrical plot. There are dances with different styles offered by the island and the shows that we visit and recommend are those that take place at Uluwatu Temple (amazing!) or the shows at Ubud Palace.

3. Visit Gili Islands:

Gili islands are a good option to complement your trip to Bali. The three islands — Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan — are very quiet, they don’t have cars, everything is done on foot, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. They are a good tip for those looking for a small destination with beautiful beaches. The boat trip between Bali and Gili lasts around an hour and a half and when you get there you can enjoy diving, snorkeling or simply resting admiring its landscapes.