Halloween In London: The Eight Most Haunted Places In The Capital!

Halloween in London – Want to scare yourself a little while in the capital? In this article, I present to you eight haunted places in London. Sometimes places of massacres or just paranormal phenomena, get ready to discover tourist places from another angle!

The Ten Bells:

The Ten Bells, this name must certainly tell you something! I already talk about it in my special Halloween article on activities to do! Today, the Ten Bells is a pub like any other, where you can enjoy a good craft beer and listen to music. But, if you have been following the story of the most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, then this place speaks to you.

He is known to be sadly linked to the fate of Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly. I also read a great book on the victims of Jack the Ripper. These two women were killed near the pub. But not only !

In the 1990s, pub staff claimed to have seen a man in Victorian clothing roaming the halls of the pub. Do you dare to walk through the doors of this pub with its very dark history and perhaps come across Jack’s shadow? For more blogs click here

Hampton Court Palace:

Very popular today with its more than five hundred years of history, Hampton Court Palace is a tourist must-see in London. But, did you know that his story is also infamous? It is believed that certain spirits are still present within the walls of the palace.

Two of Henry VIII’s wives are said to still be there. Jane Seymour, who died shortly after giving birth in 1537 and Catherine Howard, sadly executed for adultery in 1542. Their bodies are said to have been seen floating in the middle of the stairs or in the gallery of the palace

You can also meet Sybil Penn, also known as the Gray Lady. She was the servant of several monarchs and her ghost would always prowl around. It is said that the appearance of the Gray Lady began during the renovation of the Church in 1829. She was apparently disturbed by the works (although she died in 1562… 300 years of rest all the same!)

Jail Clink:

Nobody will find it paranormal to cross paths with ghosts in a prison, will they? Because the prison of Clink would have welcomed, for nearly five centuries, the most difficult strains of society: drunks, prostitutes, bloodthirsty killers and also religious, enough to see a lot of ghosts strutting around in the walls of the prison!

It is now possible to visit the Clink prison, to discover the objects of torture there. And maybe meet ghosts and monsters? For Visitor Visa Click Here

The Theater Royal at Drury Lane:

Located in the heart of the West End, not far from Covent Garden, the Drury Lane theater is said to be one of the most haunted in London. It would house the ghost of the Man in Grey, who would appear during successful productions. He would have been seen, for example, during a performance of “The Dancing Years”.

You can also see the ghost of Joseph Grimaldi, English actor and mime, true founding father of the figure of the clown that we know today. He retired early and died of alcoholism and depression at his home in Islington. It is said that he now roams the halls of the theater, sporting his clown disguise.

50 Berkeley Square:

This large house is located in Mayfair. In its heyday, it served as the residence of Prime Minister George Canning. It was then bought by the gas company BP.

The sad story of 50 Berkeley Square began in 1859. A certain Thomas Meyer, rejected by his fiancé, lived in this house until 1874, when he died alone and in a house that was falling into ruin

The attic is also said to be haunted by a young woman who committed suicide by jumping from the top floor after being abused by her uncle. She is said to be able to scare people who meet her to death, which apparently happened to a maid in 1879 who was declared insane and died in an asylum the day after her night in the attic of 50 Berkeley. Square.

The tower of London:

Impossible to write an article on the haunted places of London without mentioning the Tower of London. The one that was a prison for seven centuries (from 1100) is at the top of the city’s haunted places. For ATV Rental Click here

It is said to be home to the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes and Henry VI. After being imprisoned in the tower by their uncle, the future Richard III, Edward and his younger brother Richard disappeared in 1483. This gave rise to rumors of murder. Their ghosts have reportedly been seen several times in the hallways

Westminster Abbey:

One of the oldest monuments in London will have a ghost story to share with us. And of course, we are not left out when it comes to Westminster Abbey and its supernatural activities. Because it is still the place where 3300 burials rest, including those of 17 monarchs!

The ghost of John Bradshaw, who presided over the trial of Charles I, sometimes wanders around Westminster Abbey, surprising the thousands of tourists who flock there every day. In the South Cloisters, a seated marble statue of Daniel Pulteney holding a book is also known to turn a page or two.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey is a poignant memorial to soldiers who died in the First World War. On November 11, 1920, the complete, but unidentified, body of a soldier was given a royal funeral. Then he was buried in earth specially taken from the battlefields of UK. Occasionally, when the crowd has retreated and the abbey settles into quiet, a ghost soldier materializes next to the tomb and stands with his head bowed for a few minutes before dissolving. slowly in the air.