How to extend your stay in Canada?

When you first arrive in Canada, you will need to present one of the following documents to enter the country: a valid travel document or passport and a visitor or temporary resident visa, or travel authorization electronic (AVE). If you wish to extend your stay in Canada beyond the period initially granted, you will need to submit a request for a visitor record. Be aware, however, that this is in no way a visa.

What is a visitor record?

This document grants you the status of “visitor” and allows you to stay longer than expected in the country. However, this does not mean that you are authorized to leave Canada and re-enter Canada later. In this case, you will need a valid entry document, such as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa. The visitor record is approved by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

When should I request a visitor record?

You must submit your request at least 30 days before the expiry date of your current travel authorization. If you are unsure of its validity period, contact the nearest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office.

Who can request a visitor record?

Visitor records are for people who want to stay in Canada beyond the time initially granted or change the type of residence permit they have, from a work permit or a study permit to a visitor record. It doesn’t matter whether you entered Canada with an electronic travel authorization (eTA), a visitor’s visa or any other document. If you wish to stay longer in Canada as a visitor, you will need to obtain a visitor record.

When to request a visitor record?

Whether you wish to extend the length of your stay in Canada as a visitor or change your status, you will need to submit your application at least 30 days before your current status expires. This is the case, for example, if you change from the status of worker to that of foreign student.

You will find the expiry date of your current status on your work permit, your study permit or on your previous visitor record if you have already applied for it in the past. If you do not have such a document, the expiry date of your travel authorization should appear on the CBSA stamp in your passport. Note that this date is not necessarily the same as the one mentioned on your visitor visa. If your passport does not have a stamp, your authorized period of stay should be six months from the time you enter Canada

What is the procedure for requesting a visitor record?

The application is usually made online, but a paper version is also available if needed. If you have the possibility, prefer the computerized procedure so that the IRCC receives your request immediately, without the intervention of a third party. This will speed up the processing of your file. However, if you have already submitted a request on paper, it is not necessary to redo the procedure online.

Another advantage of digital: you will save shipping costs. Your request will be instantly forwarded to the relevant IRCC or CBSA department. In addition, the forms available online allow you to quickly check whether the file is complete. You can also monitor the progress of your request at any time from your account. Finally, if additional documents are required by the IRCC, you can submit them directly digitally via their website (

How do I request a visitor record?

Step 1: Check that you have everything you need

To apply online, you must have a valid debit or credit card and a camera or scanner that allows you to scan your documents.

Step 2: Read the Instruction Guide

Whether you submit your application on paper or online, it is important to read the instructions before completing the form. This guide explains in detail what you need to enter in each field. Venezuelan passport holders may be required to complete additional procedures.

Step 3: prepare the answers to write on the form

Before submitting the form, you will need to answer a number of questions. The answers provided will be used by the system to establish a list of documents personalized according to your situation. When you request a visitor record, you must answer the following questions in particular:

“What would you like to do in Canada? ยป Here you have to select the option

“What is your current country or territory of residence? For this question, you must select the “Canada” option.
Step 4: Log in to your online account or create one

To request an extension of your stay in Canada, you must have an online account. You can use it to submit your application, pay processing fees and check the status of your file at any time.

What happens after sending the request?

An estimate of the processing time of your request will be communicated to you at the end of the procedure. It depends in particular on the accuracy of the information entered on the form and the adequacy of your situation with the type of document required. Other factors may also be taken into account in estimating the time required for IRCC or CBSA to process pending applications and verify the information provided. In addition, your ability to respond quickly to any additional request from the administrative authorities will help speed up the process.

What if I don’t get an answer?

Once the estimated processing time has elapsed, you can obtain additional information by completing this online form. For the “type of request”, choose the relevant option (online or on paper).

What if my status expires before receiving a response?

If you submit an application to extend your stay in Canada before the date you are supposed to leave the country, you are legally authorized to remain in the territory until a decision has been made. This situation is called “implicit status”.

What about trips abroad?

The visitor record means that you have obtained the status of “visitor” in Canada and indicates the date on which you must leave the country. It does not in any way guarantee the right to return to the territory after having made a trip abroad. If you intend to travel outside of Canada or the United States, you will need to meet certain conditions to be allowed to re-enter the country. For Visitor Visa Click Here


One way to extend your stay in Canada is to obtain a visitor record. This applies to travelers who originally entered Canada on a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization. The procedure can be completed entirely online, and applicants are authorized to remain in Canada until their file has been processed. You should also know that the procedure allows you to fill out both an eTA and visitor file request.