How much does a trip to Las Vegas cost?

Among the questions that I hear most often from those who dream of a trip to Las Vegas, whether it is the honeymoon, wedding anniversary or simply the journey of a lifetime, is: how much does a trip to Las Vegas cost? Is it a dream come true sooner or later? Certainly Las Vegas is anything but cheap and a trip here requires a good budget, even if you choose to forgo the more expensive services.

In this article we will talk about the detailed costs to be faced for a trip to Las Vegas. A trip that, of course, I hope you can do as soon as possible

Travel to Las Vegas: how much does it cost?

There are many costs to be quantified for this trip. Starting from intercontinental and domestic flights (between islands), transfers, hotels, meals, excursions, insurance and various and any on-site.

Let’s see point by point the cost to expect for a trip to Las Vegas.

Intercontinental flights

We begin to address one of the most difficult issues: the cost of flights. As you can imagine, given that reaching Las Vegas from Italy takes at least 24-26 hours, the cost of flights can be really significant and it is a cost that we cannot estimate too much.

You can choose a hotel that costs less, but for better or for worse the flights have that price and that impact on the final costs. Which is why, when you decide to travel to Las Vegas, I always recommend booking well in advance (at least 9-10 months in advance) in order to take advantage of reasonable flight rates.

The arrival point of intercontinental flights is always the island of Tahiti, from which we will travel with domestic flights to the other islands. The flight from Paris usually makes a stopover in Los Angeles, therefore it is necessary to have an ESTA (American visa) under penalty of non-boarding.

You can reach Paris from the main Italian airports (Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Bari, etc …) with approach flights operated by Air France or Ita Airways that are included in a single ticket, so you won’t have to check-in again. once arrived in Paris.

But how much do flights to Las Vegas cost? By booking flights well in advance (at least 9-10 months before) as recommended, the cost of intercontinental flights is between 1,500-2,000 per person, to which we must then add the cost of domestic flights which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Domestic flights

Here is another very important cost to deal with: domestic flights. In Las Vegas, an Airpass is used to move between the various islands, the cost of which changes based on the islands you decide to visit and not based on the number of flights used. And since Bora Bora is the best known and most coveted island, any Airpass that includes flights to Bora Bora costs more.

Basically, it works like a train pass, in which you can take as many flights as you want that follow certain rules and are part of the Airpass you are going to choose. Since this is a very difficult topic, I talked about it in detail in a previous article that you find here: Internal flights in Las Vegas: how do they work?

Usually, for a first trip to Las Vegas, I recommend combining some islands in the Society archipelago with some islands that are part of the Tuamotu archipelago. Clearly, having to move from one archipelago to another, the Air pass will be more expensive, but it is worth visiting both the volcanic islands and the coral islands to get a more complete view of the destination. ATV Tour Las Vegas

So, on balance, between intercontinental and domestic flights, you have to consider spending between 2,100-2,600 euros per person. A considerable cost.

The accommodations

The cost of accommodation in Las Vegas is certainly the most variable amount, as it depends a lot on the type of accommodation chosen. You can spend from 100.00 up to over 1,000 euros per night, so based on the budget you have set * you will have to select the accommodations that suit your needs.