Transport in Los Angeles

Transport in Los Angeles
Getting around Los Angeles is a task that needs to be very well thought out. As the city is big and the tourist attractions are far from each other – which prevents you from doing everything on foot – public transport is not as efficient as in other cities and traffic is almost always chaotic.

In other words: there’s nowhere to escape, but you have to get around the city one way or another, and a great help is the GPS, an essential item for your trip, whether you’re traveling by car or public transport.

Now come to understand a little better the logistics of transport in Los Angeles:

By car:

Renting a car in Los Angeles is the most interesting option to get around the city and get to the attractions.

But remember that, despite being the most practical option, it may not be the fastest at peak times. In addition, finding a place to park can also be a rather difficult task. Therefore, be aware of the areas that are allowed and the values ​​of private parking. And even more importantly, make sure your hotel offers parking.

Public transport: subway and/or bus
There are only six lines in operation on the Los Angeles Metro Rail, which operate from 5:00 am to 12:00 am.

Despite very few lines, the good side is that they lead to important tourist spots, such as Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Downtown and Santa Monica Beach – the last one opened.

The buses, which are also called subways, are well signposted and organized, but have very unlimited lines.

The ticket is very cheap, but you can still purchase the TAP, a card that can be recharged at any machine at subway stations, giving access to both the metro rail and the metro bus.

The downside, however, is that the hours are very reduced during the night period. So, it is always good to be aware and inform yourself beforehand, so as not to run any risk of being left without a means of transport back to the hotel.

Los Angeles travel apps:

As in India, there is also Uber in the United States and the service is very common in Los Angeles.

Even if you already have the app on your cell phone, just use it normally, with the same credit card registered, which automatically converts to reais on the invoice.

But in addition to Uber, in Los Angeles there is also Lyft, which most of the time drivers have better cars when compared to Uber cars.

The values ​​of both are very similar, however, the waiting time can be higher at peak times. Therefore, it is good to schedule and leave a little early to avoid possible delays. https://bicycledeport.com/atv-rental-los-angeles/

Now, if you intend to extend your trip to nearby cities or destinations, renting a car ends up being much more advantageous, both in terms of value and practicality.

Extra tips for your trip to Los Angeles:

Traveling is wonderful, but better than that, it’s having a good plan so that everything goes well during your trip.

And don’t think that to get to know Los Angeles you just need an itinerary on what to do, where to stay and where to eat. A trip to the destination involves several issues and it is necessary to pay attention to all the details.