Learn how to install a gas water heater

How to install gas water heater?

Want to know how to install a gas water heater? Whether for those who have not yet acquired this equipment, but already want to know the best way to install it, or for those who have recently purchased it and want to start using it, it is important to know how to perform this service as soon as possible.

That’s why we will show you the techniques, tools and step by step necessary to install the gas water heater.

First of all, if you haven’t purchased a gas water heater yet, take a look at our store. There are a wide variety of models available, each with different advantages. Now, let’s go straight to the installation guide.

Have Some Care:

As the gas heater is a highly technological and modern system, some care is needed to ensure correct and safe installation. Making it work is not as simple as plugging an appliance into an outlet.

We even suggest that you use the installation services of a specialist to install the heater in your home. This type of specialist guarantees a safer and more efficient process, with no possibility of gas leakage and following technical standards.

What are the steps to replacing a water heater?

Still, here we’ll show you installation tips so you can stay on top of how the process works. Without further ado, now we present the step by step.

First steps:

Already starting the process, but still thinking about gas heater care, the first step is to check what type of gas is supplied to the residence. Some heaters work with natural (NG) and others with liquefied petroleum (LPG).

Then look for possible installation locations in your home. They are usually in rooms such as service areas, laundry rooms, or any other room where water and gas outlet ducts are available. Tips to unclog drain.

Another initial care in the process of installing the gas heater includes checking the availability of windows in the room where the device will be installed. For it to work correctly, it must always be well ventilated, but at the same time, at a safe distance from the windows.

Installation Kit:

Now it’s time to get the tools needed to fix the gas heater in place. These parts are usually sold separately from the device and can be purchased at hardware stores.

There are several manufacturers to help you install a gas water heater, such as Lorenzetti or Rinnai. You can choose the parts you want to install the machine, but we recommend that they are of the same brand as the heater. Next to it, you need an adjustment key to install each part.

In the set of parts, it is common to find the so-called flexible ones, used both in hot and cold water and gas, the register, which uses a valve to control the gas outlet pressure, and canopies to give a better finish and seal. to the installation of the device.

Installing the heater:

The main purpose of the process of how to install a gas water heater is to connect the device to the holes of the NG or LPG supply network, to the water inlet and outlet pipe and fix it well to the wall so that there are no leaks.

At the same time, an exhaust duct must be installed, through which the hot air released by the gas water heater exits. Also called accordion, this piece needs another hole at the top of the wall or ceiling to expel air out of the house.

To connect the water and gas piping to the heater unit, you must use the flexible hoses that come in the installation kit, using the canopies at both ends to give the system a better seal.

Another important step in the installation of a gas heater is to measure the distance between the ducts and the space dedicated to it, ensuring that it is not greater than the distance between the flexible ones. After that, you can screw the machine to the wall.

Buy Gas Water Heater:

Do you understand how to install a gas water heater? With our basic guide, you already have the knowledge of how the process is carried out, some precautions to be taken and essential tools for carrying out the installation.

Still, we reiterate that the most important thing is to call a professional in water heater installation.